Sourcewell Approved Vendor

Interspiro US is excited to announce our recent achievement in securing a contract with Sourcewell, a significant milestone in our commitment to serving government agencies and fire departments across North America.

Sourcewell, a government agency functioning as a national purchasing cooperative, simplifies and enhances the purchasing process for various entities. By offering competitively solicited contracts to state and municipal government agencies, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations, Sourcewell eliminates the complexities of bidding while ensuring affordability and accessibility.

Here’s How It Works

Sourcewell meticulously vets prospective sellers for its members, which include State, Local, Education, and Non-profit (SLED) groups. This vetting process ensures that agencies, like fire departments, can access high-quality products and services, thereby streamlining operations and enhancing overall effectiveness.

By joining Sourcewell, agencies gain access to a network of trusted suppliers, like Interspiro, ensuring that they can easily get the essential products and equipment they need with confidence. Learn more below about the Interspiro US contract and how utilizing Sourcewell will streamline your purchasing process, making it both straightforward and cost-effective.


Contract Number: 011824-INT
Maturity Date: 3/29/2028

Products Available in This Contract

Firefighting PPE
RIT bag
Respiratory protection
SCBA & related accessories
4500psi & 2216psi options
Cleaning maintenance equipment
Warranty repairs
Replacement parts
Canadian & American coverage


Interspiro USA


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