Interspiro proudly introduces our most highly advanced regulator to date. The Divator RS4 is the culmination of over 60 years experience in developing equipment for military, police, and rescue diving. The Divator RS4 features an extremely rugged design for high performance, specifically geared to meet the highest requirements of our toughest professional divers


As a professional, you take precautions to be as safe as possible, but there are certain factors beyond your control. An ever-present danger of cold water diving is the regulator freezing, causing a life threatening blockage to your free-flow air supply. We’re putting an end to this risk once and for all with our new regulator, the Divator RS4, which uses safety pressure to ensure that no freezing occurs regardless of the conditions.

The Divator RS4 is a new alternative regulator choice to the well proven MKII and P+ regulators from Interspiro that professionals have counted on for years. The Divator RS4 regulator is US Navy cold water approved and ready for action in the most demanding of environments.

Key Features:

  • Safety pressure to ensure no freezing.
  • Robust shockproof design with rubber cover.
  • Possibility to have up to four low pressure  outputs to suit any specific needs.
  • Swiveling outputs for improved ergonomics.
  • Can be used with a single cylinder or a cylinder pack.


The Divator RS4 is totally modular, making it even more versatile for all diving needs. This provides several configuration possibilities, two or four low pressure outlets, and an optional DP1 Surface Supply connection.

The modular design of the Divator RS4 also enables you to upgrade a pure SCUBA version of the regulator with a DP1 Surface Supply connection if needed, to use your existing regulator with the Interspiro DP1 Surface Supply diving system.

Promotional packages available NOW to Military and first responders for a limited time.

Choose the regulator that suits all of your professional diving needs, and you can breathe easier knowing we’ve got your back – and your air flow covered.