Keeps You Breathing

Because you face extreme conditions, you depend on respiratory protection and equipment that is proven safe and effective to complete your mission. You also want a SCBA that has been developed with comfort and ease of use in mind. You’ll find everything you want and need right here. Welcome to Interspiro US.

Engineered for Excellence

Interspiro develops superior respiratory equipment for firefighting, diving, emergency escape, and search & rescue operations. We supply military, first responders, industries, maritime companies and rescue services all over the world with products designed to perform and protect in extreme situations.

Dependable by Design

As industry innovators, Interspiro has been leading the way for over 100 years keeping professionals safe in Immediately Dangerous to Life or Health environments. We pride ourselves on exceeding industry standards and many of our technological breakthroughs in breathing equipment have become industry standard, such as 300 bar and positive pressure.

We’re redefining what SCBA stands for:

A breath of fresh air in the industry, we are Interspiro and we’re only new to you. 


Interspiro Firefighting – SCBA sets are game changing equipment for professionals. Discover why firefighters around the world rely on our self-contained breathing apparatus/breathing apparatus (SCBA/BA). With industry leading breathing performance, revolutionary ergonomic designs, unmatched communication features, advanced sensors, telemetry capabilities, and tracking technology, we’ve kept professionals breathing for almost a hundred years.


Protect yourself, your unit, and your community with simplified, reliable mechanics crafted for safety and security. Because every breath counts, our engineering is intelligent and intuitive.


Interspiro Divator Diving – SCUBA sets, Full face mask and premium equipment for professionals. Decades of innovation, our commitment to safety and our user-friendly approach has made the Interspiro Divator products the preferred choice for professional divers, military and search and rescue operations all around the world.


EEBD Emergency Escape Breathing Device – Easy donning to get you out. In case of a fire or major accident, getting to a safe zone as soon as possible is key. That could mean passing through smoke and toxic areas. Interspiro Emergency Escape Breathing Devices (EEBD’s) are built to help you escape such environments and are commonly used in industrial facilities, onboard ships and in commercial buildings.

Founded in 1904 and part of the US-based Ocenco group since 2003, Interspiro develops respiratory protection and regulators used by firefighters, underwater divers and underground mining operations all over the world. Close partnerships with rescue services, defense, maritime, and heavy industry continues to foster new design and development to keep you breathing.  We are Interspiro, now available in the USA.


Interspiro USA


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