Dive, Search & Rescue.

No two emergency operations are the same. But the demand for the best equipment in the most hazardous environments never changes. That’s why Interspiro Divator Diving – SCUBA sets, full face masks, and other pro diving gear – has been the “go-to” choice for dive, search and rescue professionals since creating our first SCUBA set several decades ago. This is also why we continue to provide professional divers and search and rescue teams with premium equipment that excels in the harshest environments.

With over 65 years of service, our full face masks, SCUBA sets, and other equipment has been used for everything from rescue diving and construction work to disarming sea mines and assisting astronauts returning from the moon.

We know that every dive is unique and we design our products to stand any situation that may occur. That is why our new RS4 Regulator uses safety pressure to prevent the regulator from freezing no matter how cold the water gets. And that is why we invented the world’s first high-pressure surface supply system that weighs just a fraction of a traditional low-pressure hose.

All parts of the breathing circuit are tightly integrated – from the full face mask up to the last thread on the DP1 Surface Supply. The reason is simple, to obtain the highest possible safety level for professional divers. Or as we say: safety first, second and third.

Our experience is your life insurance.

Search and rescue missions are complicated, sometimes dangerous, and in most cases a race against the clock. Interspiro has developed a ground-breaking airline system to help rescue workers enter even the smallest spaces – without having to carry a heavy and clunky breathing apparatus. Airline systems are also excellent for maintenance and inspection work in confined spaces.

For over a century, Interspiro has kept professionals breathing in extreme conditions. Designed to make a difference in wild waters, furious fires, and everything in between, Interspiro products are used by first responders, military organizations, and rescue workers all over the world.

Decades of innovation, our commitment to safety, and our user-friendly approach have made Interspiro Divator products the preferred choice for professional divers and first responders all around the world.

Some of our most popular systems

Our wide range of professional products will not only meet your needs, but we trust will exceed your expectations.

Divator FFM & RS4

Divator FFM & RS4

Relied on by professionals all over the world, from military to offshore industry

Divator DP1

Divator DP1

Surface supply dive system for rapid deployment in remote locations


The complete mine clearance diving system for use in hostile waters

“As every minute counts in a search and rescue situation, we put a lot of effort in creating fast and capable solutions.”
– Jimmy Pettersson, Product Manager, Interspiro


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