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When you depend upon respiratory protection and equipment to complete your mission, you want an SCBA that is proven safe and effective. Interspiro also considers comfort and ease of use when developing our equipment. 

Enter Interspiro.

Driven by innovation and sustained by a legacy of more than 100 years, we design, develop, and deliver cutting-edge breathing solutions for use in non-breathing environments.

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Breakthroughs in Breathing.

As an industry innovator, Interspiro has been leading the way for more than 100 years. By working to exceed industry standards rather than simply meet requirements, our technological breakthroughs (such as 300 bar and positive pressure) have become industry standard.

As a worldwide industry leader, we design and develop more than your run-of-the-mill SCBA.

We rewrite the definition:


A breath of fresh air in the industry, we are Interspiro and we’re only new to you. 


You fight fires with both water and air. We keep you breathing but you’ll have to find another source for your water supply.

Supporting your life so you can save theirs.

Learn about our durable and high-performing breathing protection for extreme conditions.


Protect yourself, your unit, and your community with simplified, reliable mechanics crafted for safety and security.

Because every breath counts, our engineering is both intelligent and intuitive.

See how we’re different.


You’ve got enough to think about. Don’t give breathing a second thought.

Life support for life savers. We are Interspiro.

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Gear up for life with easy-to-use breathing apparatus for emergency, escape, and extremes.

Interspiro Innovation. Designed for easy breathing.

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Founded in 1904 and part of the US-based Ocenco group since 2003, Interspiro develops respiratory protection and regulators used by firefighters and divers all over the world. Close partnerships with rescue services, defense, shipping, and heavy industry foster new design and development to keep you breathing.


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