Safeguarding Illinois Firefighters

Prioritize Your Health with Interspiro’s Cleanable SCBA

At Interspiro US, we recognize the critical role Illinois firefighters play in protecting communities amidst unique challenges. Our US headquarters are located in the Upper Midwest, so we understand these challenges because it is our community too. From battling fires in urban areas to common structure fires to combating industrial blazes, Illinois’ firefighters face diverse hazards. Beyond immediate safety concerns, the long-term health of these brave individuals is paramount. That’s why we’ve developed the S9 Incurve SCBA System – a game-changer in safeguarding firefighter health while ensuring unparalleled safety.

Combat Challenges Head-On

Illinois’ varied landscape presents firefighters with a multitude of challenges. Urban centers contend with high-rise fires and structural collapses, while industrial areas face the risk of chemical spills and explosions. Residential neighborhoods frequently encounter common structure fires. Our S9 Firefighter System is engineered to combat these challenges head-on.


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Designed for Health, Engineered for Safety.

Traditional SCBAs often harbor contaminants, posing a significant health risk to firefighters post-operation. Interspiro’s S9 Incurve SCBA minimizes this risk with an innovative design that reduces textile components to an absolute minimum. This not only decreases susceptibility to contamination but also streamlines cleaning procedures, ensuring Iowa firefighters can maintain their health with ease. 
s9 for Illinois firefighters
Interspiro firefighter

Breathable Comfort for Enhanced Performance

In the heat of battle, every second counts. That’s why our SCBA prioritizes not only health but also performance. The ergonomic harness of the S9 Incurve evenly distributes the air cylinder’s weight, minimizing strain during prolonged wear. Additionally, our regulator system delivers industry-leading airflow rates while boasting the lowest breathing resistance among NFPA-approved SCBAs. With Interspiro, Illinois firefighters can breathe easy, knowing their safety and performance are never compromised.

Every Breath Counts for Illinois Firefighters

Interspiro US is proud to serve the heroic firefighters of the Upper Midwest, where the challenges of firefighting are met with unwavering determination and bravery. Whether you’re battling blazes or facing industrial hazards, Interspiro is here to keep you breathing. Trust Interspiro to safeguard your every breath, because your safety is our mission.

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